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Professional TVs, LCD and LED panels, software for commercial video content

Video showcases, video boards, media facades

A person perceives up to 90% of information from the outside world through the eyes. Not surprisingly, with the advancement of technology, video display equipment has become an essential tool for conveying information and creating emotion. And, of course, such a powerful tool began to be widely used by society in everyday life, business, architecture ...

Advertising TV for retail

Instead of long and boring talk about the benefits - show them!
Displaying video content is the most effective way to advertise, as most people are visuals. It has been proven that 60% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service if they watch an ad video about it, because it is much more convincing than a dry text description. At the beginning of the 21st century, video showcases, televisions for advertising, advertising video facades have become a common attribute of retail. Advertising TVs, LCD and LED panels are widely used in cafes and shops to attract the attention of potential buyers to a point of sale, to advertise seasonal and current promotional offers, to advertise individual goods. A colorful video clip on an advertising TV in a sales area or in a shop window perfectly conveys information to the client, convinces and sells! At the same time, the launch of motivating content can be controlled remotely and regardless of the number and location of video demonstration points. 

Video walls

The video wall, in general, is a commonplace thing. Large companies have long been decorating their halls and conference rooms with video walls of various sizes. However, since the middle of 2010, technical progress has been reflected in video panels. Firstly, modern video wall panels have no frames and fit together without gaps, which significantly improves the perception of video content. Secondly, modern video walls may not have a rectangular shape, which makes it possible to transform a video wall from a familiar object for video playback into an original piece of furniture, and even into a work of art!

LED and microLED screens for cinemas

The emergence of professional LED video panels (LED, microLED) has significantly influenced the market for home and commercial cinemas. The advantages of the picture on LED and microLED screens, namely: absolutely black color, high brightness, clarity and wide color range, as expected, have become the impetus for the development of a new type of cinemas - cinemas with LED screens, the number of which is constantly growing in the world. The experience of watching entertainment content on LED and microLED screens is second to none. You have never seen such a high-quality picture.
In addition to being used in commercial cinemas, LED technology has given impetus to the development of the Luxury segment - TVs (more precisely, home cinema). If the diagonal of the modern largest TV usually does not exceed 110 inches (2.8 m), then for rich video connoisseurs it is possible to assemble a TV (home theater) from microLED panels with a diagonal of up to 5 meters! And don't ask how much it costs if you don't have a million dollars to spare ...

Media facades in architecture

Advances in LED technology and LED panel technology have resulted in large area prefabricated LED screens. So large that they look quite appropriate as facades of multi-storey buildings. The spread of LED panels on building facades is dictated by two impressive possibilities: the ability to display advertisements on really large screens, and the ability to influence the emotional perception of the urban environment. And if with the first possibility everything is more or less clear, because advertising remains advertising regardless of the screen size, then the ability to use LED panels to decorate architectural objects and entire city locations is a completely new phenomenon. It should also be noted that in addition to size, modern technology can provide panels with the highest brightness and resistance to different weather conditions. LED panels for outdoor use can show a bright picture even in direct sunlight, and work properly in the temperature range from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius. Summing up, we can say that thanks to technological progress, in the 21st century, video facades (media facades) are becoming a new powerful tool in architecture and urbanism.