Indoor and outdoor video display stands  specifically designed to display advertisements and dynamic video content with increased brightness.

Typical application of video display cases and video stands:

  • In the windows of shops, cafes, restaurants
  • At public transport stops
  • As roadside video stands (similar to billboards, citylights, or built into pillons, pillars)

Unlike conventional displays and televisions, advertising video stands and video showcases provide:

  • Brightness not less than 2500 nits - to display a rich, bright image that is clearly visible in daylight conditions - even in direct sunlight.
  • Long life under continuous 24/7 operation, with no noticeable decrease in image brightness for many years.
  • Automatically adjusts brightness depending on lighting conditions: on a bright sunny day, the brightness will be maximum, and at night it will decrease.
  • Integration with media content management systems such as Samsung SMART Signage Platform

Unlike video display cabinets designed for indoor use, video stands are designed for outdoor use, protected from moisture and dust, and have an operating temperature range from -30 to +50 C.

Video display cases and video stands are produced in two versions - two-sided and one-sided, for displaying video images from one or both sides.