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MicroLED TV&Cinema screens (for sale in Ukraine)

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Cinemas based on Samsung The Wall

The diagonals of the largest TVs and large format displays (LFD) usually do not exceed 100 - 110 inches  (2.54m - 2.79m), while even such screens are not at all easy to deliver and install due to their very impressive dimensions and weight. Nevertheless, there are commercial and home theaters with screens that are much (!) larger diagonal. It should be noted that these are not just large format displays or the largest microLED TVs, but professional solutions for viewing video content, consisting of:

  • The Wall screen based on microLED displays
  • Structures for floor or wall mounting of the screen
  • Professional sound system
  • A separate TV tuner / video concentrator for receiving TV-programs and video signals from various sources (from computers and videogame consoles, from a local computer network and the Internet)

By combining (in a suitable room) all the components together, we will get a modern cinema, watching video content in which will give you real pleasure! After all, both the sound and the picture will be of the highest quality... But, first things first ...

Samsung The Wall microLED

The Wall is a composite video screen of high resolution (from 4K) of different sizes and shapes for video walls, home theaters or commercial cinemas, based on individual Samsung microLED displays. The Wall screens have significantly better performance compared to screens on modern OLED and QLED technologies. MicroLED displays and TVs provide:

  • More brightness,
  • Wider color gamut,
  • Perfect reproduction of dark midtones and absolute black,
  • Do not change (do not fade) over time.

The technology is so promising that in addition to Samsung, other cutting-edge companies such as Apple and LG are also investing in microLED!

So why, with all its advantages, microLED technology has not found distribution in mass products (TVs and phones)? It's all about cost. Today, microLED screens much more expensive than OLED and QLED screens... You can evaluate the price level by looking at the corresponding section of our catalog.

Well, if the customer is not constrained by money and wants to buy the largest TV? (...or the best TV in the world? ...or your own cinema?) Then Samsung The Wall is exactly what you need!

The screen is clear, but what about the sound?

HARMAN Professional’s JBL Sculpted Surround Systems and Samsung Professional Soundbars

The Wall is a video-only solution, with no TV receiver, no smart features, and no built-in speakers and remote control like regular TVs. But that's not a problem. After all, The Wall is, in fact, only a part of the solution, responsible only for displaying the video signal.

The following systems are responsible for high-quality sound accompaniment:

  • For home systems up to 196` (5m): Samsung Professional Soundbars
  • For home and private cinemas with a screen diagonal of 5m or more: surround sound system with HARMAN Professional's JBL Sculpted Surround technology.

Both systems provide unsurpassed sound, but are designed for rooms of different sizes. Samsung soundbars are compact and easy to install, designed for use at home, while the second system consists of a larger number of elements and is suitable for use in commercial cinemas.

Assembly and calibration of Samsung microLED cinemas

The screens of large TVs and cinemas are assembled from individual microLED displays. Depending on whether it is fixed to the floor or to a vertical wall, different types of special Samsung frames are used, which are part of The Wall solution. After the screen is assembled, each microLED displays is calibrated. At this stage, with the help of a special tool and software, Samsung specialists achieve an absolutely identical reproduction of shades by all microLED displays.

Buy Samsung microLED TV

Kvanto.com.ua - catalog of the official dealer in (Ukraine) of Samsung LFD, TVs and solutions. Cooperation with us is the shortest way to purchase microLED TVs and The Wall cinemas. In addition to the supply of screens, we will provide the supply of related equipment - acoustic systems and tuners, etc., we will take care of the delivery and installation of the entire complex.

  • The Wall microLED 146” 4K 146IW008R18-Q950A-MBR48
    prepaid delivery (9-13 weeks, for installation in Ukraine)
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  • The Wall microLED 219” 6K 219IW008R40-Q950A-MBR48
    prepaid delivery (9-13 weeks, for installation in Ukraine)
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  • Samsung The Wall microLED 291” 8K 291IW008R70-4MBR48
    prepaid delivery (9-13 weeks, for installation in Ukraine)
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