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UV detectors

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Ultraviolet lamp for money

An ultraviolet money lamp (ultraviolet detector) is a simple device used at the cash register of a retail outlet to quickly check cash paper money. Together with a receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner, the UV lamp for banknotes is a common trade attribute and is used in trade enterprises of all sizes. This simple and inexpensive device significantly reduces the risk of receiving counterfeit bills.

How to quickly check money

The simplest protective quality of banknote paper is the absence of glow in the ultraviolet rays. If the bill is on, this indicates a chemical treatment of the paper, which in the past was often used by malefactors to impart the necessary properties (stiffness, whiteness) to paper by impregnating ordinary paper with various compounds. By the way, if you wash your money in the washing machine, due to the influence of the powder, they will also begin to "glow". Of course, modern attackers have improved their technology. But the protection of money has also improved ...
For example, using ultraviolet light, you can detect imitation of watermarks with paint or oil (usually they are applied to the inner surface of the sides of a future counterfeit bill glued together). Such a pattern will be visible in the light of a UV lamp for money in the form of a light bluish background.

In addition, most modern banknotes contain fibers (so-called confetti) that glow in an ultraviolet detector. Such fibers can be buried in the mass of the paper, or they can be imprinted on the surface. In any case, the cashier will easily and immediately notice them, bringing the money to the currency detector.
Many elements on the surface of modern paper money are printed with fluorescent paints that glow in a currency detector. Patterns, serial numbers, drawings can be printed with such inks. Moreover, in daylight, such paints can be both invisible and visible.

An ultraviolet lamp for money allows you to identify all of the above security elements. But that's not all. Many currency detectors can not only detect counterfeits with their radiation, but also have additional functionality: they provide bottom illumination with ordinary light for checking watermarks, have rulers for controlling the size of a banknote, a magnifying glass for checking small security elements (fibers, metallized strip).


Ultraviolet currency detectors can be divided into two groups, depending on the source of the UV radiation. There are devices that use UV lamps or UV LEDs. The former are cheap, but UV lamps often burn out and need to be replaced, which leads to additional maintenance costs, which is very expensive, especially for large networks, for which the "cycle of UV lamps" creates significant inconvenience. The second, based on LEDs, provide a very long service life without the need for maintenance, but they are much more expensive. The most famous manufacturers on the Ukrainian market are: DORS, PRO, TechnoVDS, NPO Spektr. The model lines contain devices of different functionality, in metal and plastic cases, based on lamps and LEDs. Use the filters in this section to quickly select the device you need.

Buy an ultraviolet lamp for checking money

You can order and buy an ultraviolet lamp for money (another common name is a UV banknote detector) on the website kvanto.com.ua. In addition, we can offer other equipment for trade. We value each of our partners and look forward to long-term cooperation.

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