In the 21st century, LED panels are no longer exclusively an element of outdoor advertising. Video facades (media facades) created on their basis become an important element of an architectural solution that determines the design of not only an architectural structure, but also affects the urban landscape and the environment.
It can be argued that the widespread use of video facades (media facades) is dictated not only by business rationale, but also by the ability of architects to use a new tool to create modern architectural forms.


The ability to display dynamic video content, potentially having a strong influence on the emotional state of a person, is combined with the tendency of the so-called "Adaptive urban landscape" that responds to a variety of factors: from weather to social phenomena. A bright performance on the facade of a building in honor of the holiday? - easily! Political advertising on the occasion of the elections? -, you are welcome. A soul-warming video on a cloudy day to attract visitors? - why not?! Video facades (media facades) in the hands of a competent architect become a powerful tool!