LCD-TV for a shop or restaurant

Use business TVs to display the content you need to grow your business.

Feature of TVs for business

  • designed for use in 16/7 or 24/7 modes
  • compatible with software that provides access control and a wide range of design templates (advertising screensavers on TV) for different lines of business.

Features of software for business TVs, on the example of Samsung Business TV App

The Samsung Business TV App, a free software available on the Google Play Market, is installed on an Android phone and provides control of any Samsung Business TVs available to connect to the phone via Wi-Fi. Samsung Business TV App has very impressive functionality:
Controlling unwanted TV access:

  • Setting a password for access to TV
  • Blocking for reading USB-drives
  • Blocking the "button" on / off TV

Content creation and management functionality provides access to:

  • Image Library (Themes: Baking & Snacks, Drinks, Fresh Food, Hamburger, Color, Landscape)
  • Ready-made design templates (for themes: Restaurant, Medicine, Health and Beauty, Fashion, Retail, Sales, Special Occasion, Education). Sorting of templates by themes or by layout is available (types of layouts: One image and text, Two images and text, Three images and text, Menu, Text, Advertising with insertion of TV broadcasts, Custom content)
  • The ability to edit ready-made templates includes adding and cropping arbitrary images, changing text
  • The ability to save modified templates as TV-ready ads (ads are all redesigned templates (user-created "ads") are stored in the "My Ads" section
  • Finished ads can be shown as a slideshow at intervals from 1 second to 1 hour.

By choosing a Business TV and using the included software, you not only get a display, but a powerful and easy-to-use marketing tool to attract the attention of your store or restaurant customers, which is designed to ultimately drive revenue growth.

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