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Barcode scanners.

Barcode scanners are widespread devices for reading and decoding information encrypted in barcodes. The device is indispensable in trade, stock and production. We live in a world where all parts and finished products, any goods are barcoded. This is absolutely necessary for automating the sale of goods, for warehouse automation, store automation or assembly production. The breadth of applications for barcode scanners has led to the emergence of a wide variety of these devices from a large number of manufacturers: Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell, Scantech-ID, Geos, Argox. Different barcode scanners use different reading technologies, and in addition they have completely different designs.
Types of barcode scanners. Which one to buy? What determines the price? Difference 1D from 2D?

  • Hand held barcode scanners. The most common. It makes sense to buy a hand-held barcode scanner to work in a small warehouse or at the box office of small stores. When installed at the checkout, the scanner is installed stationary in the stand and switches to automatic mode. In this mode, he immediately reads the barcode of the goods as soon as he gets into his field of vision. The price of a handheld scanner with a stand is not high, but it has a significant drawback - a limited reading angle. Therefore, the cashier has to accurately position the sh-k of the goods and spend precious seconds on it, which reduces the throughput of the cash register. To eliminate this drawback came up with ...
  • Stationary (presentation) desktop barcode scanners. Compared to manual devices, the dimensions of stationary devices are noticeably larger, but the angle of view is also much wider. Now the cashier does not need to very accurately substitute the sh-k for reading, you can do this less accurately, which means more quickly. Accordingly, the price of a stationary device is higher. A further evolution of reading devices for sh-k was the appearance of bi-optical scanners - devices that are built into the cash desk.
  • Bi-optical scanners (Datalogic Magellan 9300i, Magellan 9400i, Magellan 9800i, NCR RealScan 74, RealScan77, RealScan 78, RealScan79e, Zebra MP7000) are equipped with two scanning devices at once, for scanning goods from below and in the frontal plane. This greatly simplifies and speeds up scanning. The cashier only needs to roughly position the barcode of the product, and the bi-optical scanner will instantly scan it at the checkout. From the side, the scanning process looks like the cashier does not try at all, but simply carries goods over the checkout table. The bi-optical scanner can be equipped with a weight cell. In this case, the lower plane-surface of the scanner can be weighed by the goods scanned at the checkout counter, which speeds up the checkout of the weight by the cashier. Datalogic, NCR, Zebra bi-optical scanner scales have the highest price, but at the same time they are an indispensable attribute of all supermarkets, as there is an effective tool to increase cash desk productivity, an example of proper store automation. For stores with a large number of customers at the checkout - buy an embedded bi-optical scanner from one of the companies: Datalogic, NCR, Zebra
  • Industrial hand-held scanners for warehouse or outdoor work - scan the bar code in the most severe conditions. They are not afraid of cold, moisture, falls on the concrete floor. Industrial barcode scanners are made in a rubberized case, have high reliability. It is absolutely necessary to buy an industrial barcode scanner, for example, for selling building materials from open areas of specialized stores.

For handheld barcode scanners, an important criterion for choosing is the method of communication with the base, via cable or wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wireless scanners are indispensable in the warehouse, at the box office of wholesale stores, when scanning bulk goods. Most people buy wireless barcode scanners with Bluetooth, their price is lower than wireless scanners with Wi-Fi. But the Wi-Fi scanner provides the transmission of information from long distances. Therefore, for a large warehouse, buy a wireless barcode scanner with Wi-Fi in spite of its price.
When choosing and buying a scanner, you must also take into account the technology of the scanning module of the barcode scanner. Since technology largely determines the price and types of barcodes that a device can read.

  • Laser barcode scanner - a representative of outdated laser technology. Reads only 1D linear barcodes (EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC, Code128, Code 11, Code 25, Code 39, Codabar, Code 93, etc.). Not able to read 2D barcodes and cannot read sh-k from the screens of mobile devices. To date, laser devices are practically not used.
  • Line imager - a scanner that uses a line of LEDs as a reading element. Perfectly reads 1D barcodes from the screens of mobile phones and tablets, but cannot read 2D barcodes (QR-code, PDF417, Datamatrix, Aztec). The price of such a device is low. It is advisable to buy a barcode image scanner if 2D barcodes are not intended to be read.
  • 2D imager - uses a CMOS or CCD matrix to read information. It can read both 1D and 2D barcodes from any bright surfaces, including screens of mobile phones and tablets. The most versatile option for reading as many barcodes as possible. Scanners using 2D imager technology are introduced everywhere in all types of scanning devices. Choosing and buying a 2D imager you can be sure that your scanner for cash registers, shops, warehouses will be relevant even after a few years.

In our catalog you can choose your own or get advice, find out the price and buy any 1D or 2D barcode scanner Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell, Scantech-ID, Geos, Argox for cash register, warehouse, production.