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Why automate the store using self-service checkouts?

Supermarket managers, to save money, often minimize the number of simultaneously working cash desks, which entails the appearance of lines, for example, in the morning and after the end of the working day, at the so-called peak hours. The turn that appeared 100% indicates that at this very moment the business is suffering losses. The owner does not receive the proceeds, as he is faced with:
• the client’s unwillingness to leave the queue at the checkout if, unexpectedly, he recalls that he did not buy something;
• a complete rejection of the purchase, if the buyer watches a large queue. He will just buy in another store that gets in his way;
• reduces the number of purchased goods to the minimum quantity, only to use the "quick" cash desk "to 5 goods."

An obvious solution for the owner of the problem described above, caused by the appearance of queues, would be to attract additional labor (cashiers). However, calling a cashier for a few hours a day is expensive. Where is the optimal proportion between the number of cash desks and the revenue of the supermarket? The store management, of course, has its own opinion about this problem, and attracts cashiers at its discretion. But this does not solve the problem. A reliable solution to the problem of queues in the morning and after work is the automation of the store by self-service checkouts.

Many years of experience in the automation of completely different trading enterprises confirms the positive expectations of the business from the introduction of self-service cash registers in order to significantly increase operating revenue. Self-service cash registers have already been implemented by many "big" retailers, world and ours: Rewe, Epicenter, NOVUS, Silpo, Maxima, Auchan. Today, this trend also covers smaller networks. There is no doubt that in the coming years we will observe the widespread introduction of automatic cash registers without cash registers (self-service cash registers)!

Why us

The production of Self checkout (CSR) has mastered hundreds of firms, not only global (Wincor, NCR) but also local companies. At the same time, the success of store automation through the introduction of SCO is only slightly related to hardware. We offer you not just self-checkout counters, but a ready-made automation solution, including: studying the automation object and business processes on it, choosing the checkout configuration and equipment supply, its integration, and subsequent service support.

At the same time, the configuration of a particular self-checkout counter can be very different, because self-checkout counters consist of modules and can have many configurations. What kind of self-service cashier do you need, so that the investment would pay off in the shortest possible time, it becomes clear from the results of our consulting study.

You can find out more about the automation of stores through the introduction of self-service checkouts, service and the price of a project by calling us on the phone number listed on the website.

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