Scales are heavy-duty electronic equipment that often needs periodic maintenance, calibration, and repair. Our engineers will perform the necessary work quickly to get the equipment back in operation as soon as possible. We can help you repair the following types of scales:

  • Floor scales (commodity) (CAS, DIGI, Mettler Toledo, Prompribor)
  • Trade scales (Price-Mass-Cost) (CAS, DIGI, Mettler Toledo, Prompribor)
  • Scales with label printing (CAS, DIGI, Mettler Toledo)

Types of service work:

  • Scale verification
  • Post-warranty repair of scales of any complexity (includes troubleshooting and troubleshooting)

Troubleshooting - the process of identifying a malfunction of the scales, includes:

Disassembly (enclosures, disassembly into components)
Testing of individual electronic parts of equipment, troubleshooting

Replacement of a defective electronic component or defective spare part, or mechanical repair

Scale repair price (CAS, DIGI, Mettler Toledo, Prompribor)


  • Mandatory payment includes payment for defect detection (minimum payment for 1 hour of engineer’s work at the rate of 15 USD/hour (as a rule, the process of detecting a malfunction does not exceed 2 hours). In the process of defect detection, the engineer only identifies a malfunction, but does not eliminate it. If the cause of the malfunction is identified was not, the equipment is returned to the client in assembled form, free of charge.If after the defecation process you order a repair from us costing from 20 USD or pay for spare parts, a 50% discount is provided for the cost of fault detection.
  • Troubleshooting - includes payment for spare parts and / or resource parts (for example, a shaft, print head), and also includes payment for the work of an engineer to replace a defective spare part or electronic component and assembly time at the rate of USD/hour (as a rule, the troubleshooting and assembly process does not exceed 2 hours)
  • Assembly and performance check

Terms of repair of scales

Repairs are carried out at our service center, on a first-come, first-served basis and may take several days. If it is necessary to order parts for repairs, the repair period is extended by the delivery time of the required part.

Calibration and State verification of scales

We do:

  • Scale calibration for accurate (according to the specifications of a particular model) weight display.
  • State verification - calibration of scales with confirmation of compliance of the accuracy of the weighing equipment with the technical specifications of the manufacturer, and compliance with the state standards of the weighing equipment. Verification is carried out by the official representative of Ukrmetrteststandart. Terms and price depend on the type of scales. You call our managers for specification of terms and cost.