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Scales of the Swiss company Mettler Toledo - a symbol of reliability and quality. By investing in quality Mettler Toledo equipment at the start, you can be sure of significant savings due to the minimum repair and maintenance costs during the operation of the balance. 10 years is not a deadline for reliable Mettler Toledo operation every day.

The FreshBase model with touch screen and label printing is ideal for use as a self-service or counter balance. Any FreshBase scale can instantly switch to one of 3 modes: self-service, counter or packaging. Each of the modes stores its own unique settings. In case of industrial need, simply move the balance to the area where the balance is needed most. The balance is designed for operation in frosts down to -10 C, which allows FreshBase to be used in production and warehouses.

All FreshBase scales are equipped with Wi-Fi - forget about wires!

The Mettler Toledo printing mechanism is an example of reliability and design excellence. The resource of the print head is 50 km of printing, while in case of using a quality label, the resource reaches 70 km of printing!

Mettler Toledo comes complete with software for integration with any accounting program. All that is needed to communicate with the scales is to create a txt or csv file with information about the goods in any format.

The body of the scale is made of metal.

Replacing consumables is never easier.

Mettler Toledo FreshBase 15kg FreshBase

SKU FreshBase-U3C-F15D-0W01
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Scales type Printing scales
Capacity, kg 15kg
Weighing platform size, mm 390x286
e, (single/dual Interval), g 2g (до 6kg) и 5g (6-15kg)
Indicator or Monitor touch display
Indicator / Monitor Specification 10,1" 1280x800 PCAP LED-backlit
RAM 1Gb DRAM + 8Gb Flash memory + micro-SD card slot
Print speed (for label-printing only), mm/sec 150
Media width, mm 58
Interfaces LAN (10/100), RS-232, RJ11, 3 x USB 2.0, USB OTG, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Audio
Dimension, mm 390x334x534(h)
Weight, kg 10
Reviews 4
платформа, механизм - полностью идентичные метлеру бплас и это прекрасно!!
За три года ни одной проблемы. Потому что - это ВЕЩЬ
Классна вага. Як на мене- краща за бізебру не кажучи про діджі та дібалі: надійна, проста. Безкоштовна програма дозволяє налаштувати самообслуговування як заманецця : можна виводити кнопки з тільки з номерами ародуктів, а можно ще й з фото, а можна ще й з ціною. І все дуже просто. Швейцарці молодці. Єдине, це те, що довго цю вагу робили, запізнилися трохи
Новые весы нравятся. Надеюсь будут такие же железные как тайгеры.
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