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The Scantech ID SD-380 barcode scanner with a linear imager provides unrivaled performance along with the latest advanced technologies for point-of-sale control operations and is a reliable barcode reader suitable for a wide range of applications.  The features of the SD380 and its outstanding value for money make it the best solution for the retail and light industries.

 The SD380 barcode scanner is available in black or warm gray as an option, highlighting the curved lines of the new case and supports keyboard layout, RS232 and USB interface.  A powerful built-in decoder reads and recognizes all major 1D barcodes and GS1 DataBar ™ characters, including damaged or poorly printed codes, reducing processing time and labor, while increasing accuracy.  Its programming menu provides extensive configuration options.  The option of a stand or holder can be ordered to facilitate reading without the help of hands and is set to automatically read, and reading on waking can extend its life.

 SD380 from Scantech ID provides customers with the most economical solution on the market and is the best choice for any retailer.

 The main advantages of the barcode scanner Scantech ID SD-380:

  •  Reading depth from a window to 200 mm.
  •  Support minimum resolution 4 mil / 0.1 mm.
  •  Reads most 1D barcodes, including GS1 data codes.
  •  Support for multiple interface options, USB / RS-232.
  •  You can order the stand or holder option.
  •  The best price-quality solutions for retail and light industry.

Scanner of bar codes Scantech ID SD-380

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Scanner type handheld
Barcode type 1D
Scanning planes quantity 1
Scanning technology linear imager
Interfaces (PC) USB
Stand included option
Scan rate, scan/sec. 100
Drop resistance, m 1.5
Operating temperature, C 0-50
Humidity,% 20 - 95
Warranty, month 12
Reviews 1
Михайло, дякую за пораду. Сканером задоволений.
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12 month warranty