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Digi SM-320P

Digi SM-320P is a new model of scales with the ability to print a barcode on a label (or receipt tape) from the Japanese company Digi, one of the largest manufacturers of weighing equipment. Digi products are in high demand due to their impeccable quality and reliability at an affordable price. The SM-320P scales replace the 300th model, widely known and used in retail. The new scales work in a wide range of temperatures, equipped with a durable and fast printing mechanism, a high-contrast display, ports for connecting a cash drawer and for connecting to a PC and local network. An optional Wi-Fi module is available. The main difference between the 320 model and the 300 model is the new design of the retractable printing mechanism, which further simplifies the installation of a label roll or receipt tape. Digi SM-320P - affordable high-end scales for intensive use in food retail.

Advantages of Digi SM-320P

  • Unification with the SM lineup. Digi SM-320P uses the same print thermal head as the SM-100CS Plus and SM-5100. And the motherboard for the SM-320 is compatible with the SM-5100
  • Work at a temperature from -10C to + 40C
  • Housing protected against splashes and spills of liquids from above.
  • Retractable printing mechanism with the possibility of elementary replacement of the label or receipt tape.
  • Memory up to 18000 PLU and support for 56 hot keys.
  • Ability to connect via Ethernet.
  • Printing on receipt tape 58 mm or on labels up to 58 mm wide (print width up to 56 mm)
  • The ability to weigh products using heavy containers weighing up to 6 kg

Printing mechanism Digi SM-320P

  • Maximum printing width: 56 mm

  • Paper width: 58 mm (receipt tape) / 58 mm (label) (with a print width of 56 mm)

  • Maximum print speed: 105 mm / s

  • Digi SM-320P thermal head resource: at least 100 km



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  • Product weight: 5 characters
  • Price: 6 characters
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Digi SM-320 versions

SM-320P - scales with a display on the rack and 56 keys for quick selection of goods

SM-320B - scales with a display in the housing (without a rack) and 32 "quick" keys

SM-320BS - self-service scales with a display in the housing and rack with 120 big "quick" keys

Scale Digi SM-320P 15кг

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Scales type Printing scales
Capacity, kg 15kg
Min. weighing, g 40
Weighing platform size, mm 270x380
e, (single/dual Interval), g 2g (до 6kg) и 5g (6-15kg)
Indicator or Monitor indicator
Indicator / Monitor Specification 202x32 pixels FSTN type LCD with back-light
Print speed (for label-printing only), mm/sec 105
Media width, mm до 58
Interfaces RS-232С, Ethernet, RJ-11 (for cash drawer), Wi-Fi (option)
Dimension, mm 386х452х484
Weight, kg 12
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