ULTRA PORTAL is a program with a wide range of functionality, with a simple interface and a reasonable price. Ideal for automating cash desks of trading enterprises of any format: supermarkets, shops (grocery, building materials, industrial goods, electronics, home appliances), pharmacies, kiosks. Designed for use in single retail outlets and large retail networks.


  • Sale of goods by codes, bar codes or denominations;
  • Product filtering when searching;
  • Sale of goods for dynamic bar codes (for example: scales with labels printing);
  • Combining identical positions in the check;
  • Payment of the check in different types (cash, check, card, etc.);
  • Editing a check (quantity, price, discount, removal of a position, clearing the check);
  • Control of product parameters at sale (balances, units of measure, etc.);
  • Ability to work with different barcodes on one product;
  • Work with postponed checks (postpone, resume, pay, delete);
  • Work with product characteristics (color, size, serial number, etc.);
  • Work with arbitrary units of measure (box, packing, etc.);
  • Print a check, return by hand or by check sale;
  • Possibility of arbitrary printing of a check on the RRO, on the POS-printer and any other combinations;



  • Fiscal registrars (more than 40 Ukrainian registry models);
  • POS printers (any models);
  • Barcode scanners (USB, RS-232, KBW);
  • Barcode printers (any models);
  • Scales (CAS, Mettler Toledo, Digi and compatible);
  • Magnetic card readers (any models).


The Portal Ultra program has a flexible system of adapting the cashier's window for easy use of the program on trading objects of various types:

  • supermarket,
  • a boutique
  • fast food.

Also, a new cashier window can be created for special needs, sizes and opportunities.


The Portal Ultra program is multilingual. Currently translated interface, appearance of checks and reports for the following languages:

  • Ukrainian,
  • Russian
  • english
  • Slovak


Authorization of users of the system by entering a password, magnetic cards or cards with a barcode;

  • Customizing hotkeys for users;
  • Change user manual and automatic lock.


  • Complete compatibility of exchange of dbf and mdb-files with the program Portal;
  • Ability to import and export data through a universal XML file;
  • Ready to implement the exchange with systems 1C: Enterprise different versions and configurations.


  • Flexible discount system of the Portal Ultra program allows you to use:
  • manual discounts on goods;
  • manual discounts for the entire check (percent or sum).


  • discount card with barcode;
  • discount cards with magnetic tape.
  • the Portal Ultra program has a built-in system of standard discount mechanisms:
  • on a discount card;
  • by the amount of the check;
  • accumulation system.

Also, Ultra Portal has a flexible mechanism for implementing any discounted user policy using discount scripts. There may be discounts on time, days and weeks, for groups of goods, for groups of owners of discount cards, etc.


  • Ability to print sales reports;
  • Ability to develop specialized reports and reporting forms for the needs of the client.


  • Free upgrade to the latest version via the Internet;
  • Ability to obtain licensed versions of the program through the Internet;
  • Easy and convenient transition from demo to licensed.